Good evening y’all. So here in the Philippines, tomorrow is the big day for our new President, passing the responsibilities from the old administration to the new. I don’t really know what to expect since the new president isn’t actually the one I was rooting for. I like him and I’m fine with him being the president, but hey, it’s just my opinion.

After all the good talk and all the criminality solving shenanigans, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (yes, that’s him) I am expecting a lot from him. But before we talk about what he is going to do, lets talk about what the old president did. in a few hours, he will be former President Benigno Aquino III, the “son” of Cory and Ninoy Aquino. So why did I enclose “son” in quotation marks? That’s because he always used the fact that he is the son of the two great “heroes” of the Philippines to boost himself. Now the reason why I enclosed “heroes” in quotation marks will be brought up next time, but for now, lets focus on the “son.” Many of the politicians use their parents to boost themselves in campaigns. It’s not bad to be proud of your parents but to use them for the sake of boosting yourself? Where is the independence in that? Where is the leadership in that? How do you expect to be a leader if you cannot even carry your own weight? Every time I see something like “Vote for _____, son/daughter of the great ____,” it makes me cringe.


Our Generation (by: Jordan Nichols)

I just saw this poem while I was randomly searching online, it was a work of art so I am very compelled to share it. I do not take ownership of this work, I was just really amazed. Shoutout to Jordan Nichols, great job!

Our Generation
by: Jordan Nichols

“Our generation will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the peak of mankind.

That is wrong, the truth is

Our generation was a failure

Thinking that

We actually succeeded

Is a waste, and we know

Living only for money and power

Is the way to go.

Being loving, respectful, and kind

Is a dumb thing to do.

Forgetting about that time,

Will not be easy, but we will try,

Changing our world for the better

Is something we never did.

Giving up

Was how we handled our problems.

Working hard

Was a joke

People thought we couldn’t come back

That might be true,

Unless we turn things around

(Read from bottom to top now)”

The Guy Behind the Monitor

Alright, so before I talk about anything else unrelated to me, lets talk about who I am first. Who am I? Its a question asked everyone yet may remain unanswered forever. You can answer with your full name, like for example, my name is Kenshin Maehara. Currently I am a student, a tenth grader to be exact. And yes, I am a Jap. Well, a Fil/Jap  to be exact. My mother used to be a Toyota saleswoman when she was sent to Japan so she could work in one of the main offices of Toyota. That is where he met my father. I didn’t really know what my father really did in Toyota back then because he also had a business, a truck loaning company which was closed down for what reason I am not entirely familiar with. So my father continued working in Toyota as a Department Manager and that’s where he met my mother or “Okaasan” in Japanese. I am an only son.

That is an example of something you call “formal” introduction. But to answer the question Who am I? No I guess it’s insufficient. And after all, I guess i wont be able to answer that question yet. Not now at least. Therefore, ill just tell you all about me, a portion of who I am.

Like i said a while ago, I am a Filipino Japanese who currently lives in Philippines. My mother is a Filipino and my father is a Japanese. I was born on October 2, 2000 at Chinese General Hospital somewhere around Manila (I don’t really know the exact place). I was brought to Japan shortly after my birth and there I studied for almost 6 years. I went back to the Philippines on my first grade since according to them, they want me to learn English, proper English, since Japanese English sucked. So i stayed here having only frequent visits to my other homeland, in Japan. If you think we are a rich family living the cities of Tokyo, then you are wrong. Our family isn’t that rich in terms of money. We only have enough to sustain our daily needs. We live somewhere in the prefecture of Aichi.

Personally, I am a quite old fashioned guy. I don’t like loud parties, in fact I don’t like anything loud at all. I like it peaceful and quiet. I am also into music, i know how to play the piano and the guitar. Favorite subject? Science maybe? All I know is that it isn’t Math. I was born bad with numbers. I also like movies and books. I compare them and see which one is better. I also like looking for random information unknown to the public since I believe that  “knowledge is power.”

I guess this post has already taken too long. Thank you for reading through all that. I promise this will be the last long article-ish post you will see in my blog, unless it’s a story. But other than that, I’ll just keep it a bit short… not too short of course.

“Iron Samurai”

cropped-ws_samurai_artwork_1920x10801.jpgOkay so you all might be wondering why the blog is named Iron Samurai. Well, to be honest, I don’t really know. It was just random I guess, since this is a personal blog i made it somewhat related to me, not that I am a samurai cause its actually my great great great grandfather i think… anyways, TRUE reason why i chose The Iron Samurai is because SteamEngine, my pen name, was for some odd reason, taken by someone else and that I had to add numbers and stuff, and I don’t like numbers in links.

Alright so now you know whats behind the name Iron Samurai, its not really something special and no, its not because I was forced to (somehow) use this name. I actually like it. And as I stated earlier, it is related to me since my real name is Kenshin. But thats a whole other story. Till next time…


Since this will be my first blog post in a while, I guess it is fitting to write about first time experiences or first’s. Why are first’s very valuable? Why are they something we remember? For example, first impressions, first times, or literally anything you have never done. I think its because of the fact that seeing something new amazes us. And once it has already been registered into our long term memory, it is something that we never forget. For me the first thing ever I said was Denkyu or light bulb in Nihongo. You see, first’s are something that we should value and shouldn’t forget, because it is already a part of us. Like this blog post! Haha, i bet you didn’t see that one coming. 🙂