“Iron Samurai”

cropped-ws_samurai_artwork_1920x10801.jpgOkay so you all might be wondering why the blog is named Iron Samurai. Well, to be honest, I don’t really know. It was just random I guess, since this is a personal blog i made it somewhat related to me, not that I am a samurai cause its actually my great great great grandfather i think… anyways, TRUE reason why i chose The Iron Samurai is because SteamEngine, my pen name, was for some odd reason, taken by someone else and that I had to add numbers and stuff, and I don’t like numbers in links.

Alright so now you know whats behind the name Iron Samurai, its not really something special and no, its not because I was forced to (somehow) use this name. I actually like it. And as I stated earlier, it is related to me since my real name is Kenshin. But thats a whole other story. Till next time…


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