Random Creepy Shorts # 13

This story was told to me by my elementary Values Ed. teacher when we weren’t paying attention that time. It’s more of a sad story really but it was also creepy. Anyway, it goes like this…

When I was in university, I wanted to make a little extra money during the Summer, so I got a got a job working for a courier company. One day, I had to deliver some luggage to a man named Mr. Yamaguchi. His apartment was on the 12th floor of a tall building.

I was in a rush because I wanted to get home early that day. I took the elevator to the 12th floor and managed to deliver the luggage to Mr. Yamaguchi safely. He even gave me a big tip.

As I was leaving, I happened to notice that there was a note on the door of the apartment next to Mr. Yamaguchi’s. It read:

“Old man with bad legs.
Can’t go down to throw away trash.
Could someone please help me?”

I hesitated for moment. Although I wanted to go home early, my mother always taught me to help people in need. I rang the doorbell and waited. The door was immediately opened by an old man who must have been at least 80 years of age.

“I saw your note,” I said.

“Thank you so much, young man,” he replied with a smile. “Getting old is a terrible thing. Especially when you’re alone. Just wait a moment and I’ll get it for you.”

He went back into his apartment and rummaged around. A few minutes later, the old man emerged and handed me a small cardboard box that was sealed with duct tape. It felt unnaturally heavy.

“Yes, getting old is very hard,” he continued. “Some days you feel you would be better off dead…”

I didn’t want to get into an awkward conversation with the old guy, so I just replied, “No problem. I’ll throw this away for you.”

I turned to leave, but the old man followed me out to the elevator.

“Thank you so much for doing this,” he muttered. “Sorry to bother you. It was very nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, see you later,” I replied as I jabbed the button for the ground floor.

The doors closed and the elevator descended. The box was so heavy, I wondered what could be inside. Then, I thought about the old man. Were his legs really so bad that he couldn’t use the elevator? Perhaps he was just lonely and wanted somebody to talk to.

Suddenly, the box was ripped out of my hands. It hit the ceiling of the elevator with a loud metallic CLANG! The elevator ground to a halt between the 6th and 7th floors. The box fell back down to the floor with a heavy thud.

I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I noticed a long, thin, clear nylon wire. It led out of the box and through the crack in the elevator doors. After opening the box with my penknife, I was surprised to find that all it contained was a heavy concrete block with nylon strings wrapped around it.

I wanted to ask the old man what was going on, so I pressed the button for the 12th floor. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, I gasped in horror. Then, I took out my cell phone, called the police immediately and waited for them to come.

The old man had wrapped the other end of the nylon wire around his neck.


Unsatiated Hunger for Knowledge

There are things in this world that we cannot truly understand, things we can’t grasp, things we can’t get hold of. This upsets us because human beings are designed to discover and know things beyond their current reach, despite the fact that we don’t understand anything at all.

Many are those who seek infinite knowledge. Even though we don’t even know what infinity is. It is, in fact, a big goal, or dream if you will. A dream that will never come true. Let’s face it, we cannot accept the fact that we know nothing. (besides one person by the name of Socrates) Our thirst for knowledge is greater than any emotional lust experienced by mankind. Yes, it is good to know more, but there was a saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” To know, is one thing. To know too much, is quite another. Yet, we cannot distinguish them apart.

Knowledge is like a drug, a domino effect, a rube Goldberg machine. Once you start, there’s no stopping until the end. But the thing is, is there an end? Is there a limit to the curiosity of mankind? Will we know when to stop? Do we know our boundaries as a mortal. You see, its useless to even try. Answering a question sparks up multiple more, like cutting the head of a hydra. Chop one, two more shall take it’s place.

You may think that I am pessimistic, but to be honest, I’m only saying the truth. The truth you never wanted to admit.

Random Creepy Shorts # 12

Do any of you plan going to some secluded place in an old cabin, up in the mountains? Well think twice cause what you’re about to read might make you reconsider. This was an old story told to me by my Japanese aunt, it goes like this…

One day, a young married couple went hiking in the mountains. As the sun began to set, they realized that they were lost. The wife was getting worried, but her husband tried to calm her down and assured her that they would eventually find their way back to their car. However, after walking for hours, they still had no idea where they were.

It was growing dark and the man and wife were getting desperate. They didn’t have a map or a compass with them and all of the trees looked the same. Just when they were about to give up hope, they came across an old cabin in a clearing.

The cabin looked as if it had seen better days. It was dilapidated and seemed like it hadn’t been used in a long time. Some of the windows were cracked and broken and a lot of the tiles had fallen off the roof. The husband knocked on the front door but there was no response. When he turned the handle, it slowly creaked open.

Inside, they found it was in a bad state of disrepair. There was very little furniture and the floor was covered in a thick layer of dust. As the couple cautiously looked around, they noticed a strange atmosphere and a peculiar musty smell.

The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with graffiti. Written in red paint, the words, “Death! Death! Death! Death! Death!” were repeated over and over again.

The man and woman were unnerved. With a shaking hand, the husband reached out to touch the wall. He was horrified to find that the paint was not yet dry.

The couple was very frightened, but they had nowhere else to go. They knew that the mountain was dangerous at night and there were lots of wild animals prowling the woods. Despite the creepy writing on the walls, they decided to stay the night.

Going upstairs, they found a moth-eaten mattress that was covered in stains. The husband and wife wrapped themselves in an old piece of carpet to keep warm and tried to make themselves as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. They lay down together on the mattress and eventually managed to fall asleep.

Sometime after midnight, the couple were awakened by a strange rustling noise. It sounded like someone or something was moving around outside the shack.

“Did you hear that?” asked his wife. “I think there’s somebody out there.”

Her husband listened for a while, but he didn’t hear anything. He got out of bed and walked over to the window. It was too dark outside to see anything. Opening the window, he stuck his head out.

“Who’s there?” he called nervously.

There was no answer.

He was about to go back to bed when his wife said, “Maybe it’s someone who can’t speak…”

The husband returned to the window and said, “Is there anybody out there? Clap once for YES and twice for NO.”

He strained his ears to listen. The stars twinkled in the night sky. The crickets were chirping loudly.

All of a sudden, he heard a loud CLAP!

The man turned to his wife and said in surprise, “You were right. There’s someone out there.”

He leaned out the window and his eyes scanned the darkness. He couldn’t make out anything in the pitch black.

“Are you the owner of this cabin?” he asked.


“Are you a man?”


“You’re a woman, then?”


“Are you human?”


A chill ran down his spine. He swallowed hard and croaked, “Did you come here alone?”


“How many are with you? Clap once for each person…”


Random Creepy Shorts # 11

For every country, there are these crazy urban legends told to kids to either teach them a lesson, or creep the sh*t out of them. This one is the latter. It goes like this…

One day, a boy was sitting in his classroom in school. He was extremely bored and was waiting for the school bell to ring. When he looked out the window, something caught his eye. There was a photograph lying on the grass outside.

When school was over, he ran outside and picked up the photograph before anyone else had a chance to see it. Turning it over in his hands, he realized it was a picture of an incredibly beautiful girl. She was wearing a white top, a short, black skirt, black tights and black shoes. For some reason, she was holding up two fingers.

The girl was so pretty that he wanted to meet her. He showed the photograph to everyone in the school and asked if they knew her. Unfortunately, nobody recognized her.

That night, when he went to bed, he placed the photo on his bedside table and went to sleep. Around midnight, he woke up. There was something tapping on his window. Then he heard what sounded like someone giggling. More than a little frightened, he worked up the courage to investigate it. He jumped out of bed, went over to the window and opened it. There was nothing there.

The next day, he showed the photo to his friends and neighbors and asked if they knew the mysterious girl. Everybody he asked said they had never seen the girl before in their lives.

That night, as he lay in bed, he heard the tapping sound again. He looked out the window and could just make out a figure standing on the other side of the street. He couldn’t be sure, but it looked like the mysterious girl in the photograph.

Clutching the picture tightly, he threw on his clothes and raced downstairs and out the front door. As he crossed the road, he forgot to look both ways and was suddenly hit by a car. The driver got out of the car and ran over to help the boy, but it was no use. The boy had been killed on impact.

The driver noticed something clutched in the boy’s hand. It was a photograph. Turning it over in his hands, the driver realized it was a picture of an incredibly beautiful girl. She was wearing a black top, a short, black skirt, black tights and black shoes.

For some reason, she was holding up three fingers.


Random Creepy Shorts # 10

When you were young, do you remember going to campsites and stuff like that? Where you have to sleep in the wilderness for one night and try to at least not die in the process? Do you remember those times when you and your friends sat around a bonfire telling creepy stories? Well this story was one of which that I remember so clearly. it goes like this…

I’ve been lying down for hours now. It’s 3:15 AM and there’s not much I can do. You know what the worst part about my situation is? I’m in the same room as my parents. They keep looking at me, and I can’t help but look back and try not to cry or scream. Their eyes are focused on me and their mouths are wide open. There’s a strong scent of blood and I feel paralyzed with fear.

Here’s the thing. The second I make any hint that I’m not asleep anymore, I’m completely f*cked. I will die and there’s nobody around to save me. I’ve been trying to think of a way out but the only idea I have is to rush for the front door and scream for help, hoping any of my neighbors hear me. It’s risky, but if I stay here, I’ll surely die. He’s waiting for me to wake up and see his masterpiece.

You’re probably wondering what’s going on.

About three hours ago, I heard screaming from the other side of the house. I got up and went to check on the noise before realizing I had to use the restroom. Instead of doing the smart thing and investigating, I used the bathroom first. I would’ve gotten myself killed right there for my stupid actions. I did my business and took a peek outside the bathroom. There was blood on the carpet. I got very worried and ran back to my room, hiding under the sheets like the p*ssy I was. I tried to convince myself to go back to sleep, and that it was just some really vivid dream or something.

But I heard my bedroom door open. Like the terrified child I was, I peeked out from under my blankets to see what was going on. I could see someone dragging my dead parents into the room. He was a bald guy with a mask. He looked like a psychopath, tall and slender, with its back straight as timber as it dragged my parents. But unlike most psychopaths. It seems that he was aware of what he was doing.

He propped my dad up on the edge of my bed, and made him face me. He then sat my mother down in the chair and positioned her towards me as well. He then started rubbing his hands on the walls, staining them with blood and then drew a circle with what seemed to be a lotus flower. He had made what he would probably call a masterpiece. To finish it off, he scribbled a message into the wall that I could not read in the darkness.

He then positioned himself under my bed waiting to strike.

The scariest thing now is my eyes have adjusted to the darkness since then, and I can read the message on the wall. I don’t want to look at it, because it’s terrifying to think about it. But I feel I need to see, before I’m killed.

I peek at the psychopath’s masterpiece.

I know you’re awake.

Random Creepy Shorts # 9

Random Creepy Shorts # 8

Okay, this story is something I just came across the internet. I don’t know the author since the place didn’t say anything about its author. It’s probably a writer who wished to remain anonymous. Anyway, the story goes like this…

The rainy season began in early summer, and June had been no exception. It did not surprise the man when he discovered rainwater dripping from his dining room ceiling. Shrugging it off, he placed a tall pot beneath the leak and expected it to stop on its own. However, it continued to rain, and before he knew it, the pot would threaten to overflow. He had to dump the water out first thing in the morning and straight after he returned home from work.

Eventually, he began to notice water damage at the source of the leak. The white ceiling had discolored, turning a dull shade of brown. He checked the weather and realized that it would continue to rain sporadically over the next ten days. The man was worried about the ceiling moldering and becoming an expensive repair, so he called a local handyman.

Unfortunately, the man could not sign to have the repairs done – only his landlord could. It was a frustrating policy. The man called his landlord but could not reach him. He left him a few voice mails, detailing how the damage was becoming progressively worse. The man was clueless as to why his landlord would not return his calls; they usually kept in touch, speaking at least twice a month. Finally, he reasoned that he would not be held accountable for any damages sustained.

One night, the man was startled awake by a massive thump. He quickly turned on his bedside lamp, and just vaguely, he could see an overturned table and a large shape laying across it. He sprinted out of his apartment and called the police, gagging at the smell.

The man sat in the police station with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders and a coffee mug resting in his hands. He did know one thing. There had been a dead body in his ceiling, and the water had saturated it so badly that it caved under the weight. So far, the body was unidentifiable due to the rainwater and was being autopsied. While the man waited, he called his landlord and finally reached him, panicking as he explained the situation. His landlord was just as alarmed, and the man pleaded for him to come to the station while he made his statement. The man paused as a detective crossed over to him, and he lowered his phone, wondering if the body had been identified. His blood ran immediately cold, and he shook his head with terror. The body belonged to Richard Thompson…

his landlord.