Alien on a Homeworld

Have you ever wondered if we are alone in the universe? It is a question many ask yet no one answers. Why is that? It is because we don’t look outside the box. We don’t expand our view on things. We look at objects just as they are and not what they could be. To be unappreciated, to be thought low of, it hurts. But the fact that we do it to ourselves is ironic because  we know for ourselves that we have potential, and yet we deny it. We are not willing to explore the boundaries and go beyond, because we are afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that others might judge us, because we are not doing what the rest is doing. Why must we limit ourselves to the capability of others? Why must we compare ourselves to others?

We are all bound by rules, whether we like it or not, but this is not a reason to keep ourselves locked up, dreaming like an innocent child. It is not right that you don’t use your gifts, whether be it for yourself or for others. it is what’s given to you so you must accept it. To all those reading this, I implore you, obtain the light that is lost in this darkened world. Accept yourself, who you are, what you do, what you will do, and what you have done.


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