Water surface

Water, the source of life
from it, we all began
from it, we will return
from it forever we will be

It is water
it is vital
to flow and be free
from the bottle that contains us

That is why one must drink
drink from ones mistakes
and turn them into good
drink from ones past
and turn them into present

Just drink water
for it will give you life
the life you took for granted
the life you will someday let go

Now I drink again, and again, and again
to keep living, living a life I have not lived
and to live until tomorrow
with no purpose nor an aim

From this sip of water
I shall create a new world
for me to live alone
to my hearts content

Water for my heart
water for my mind
water for my body
water for my life

I will break free from this bottle
to be water again I will
and to be water we all will
that is the fate of all mankind

This is my first attempt at making a legit poem (i don’t even know if it’s legit) so please don’t hate, if you think I can improve my sense of poetry (which I hope it would), don’t be afraid to comment your suggestions. Many thanks.


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