Poetry for me…

This post is not a poem despite the title, you have been warned…

Okay, so poetry, what do I think when I hear this word? What are my opinions on it?

I think poetry is an art. Art because it gives the writer, or in this case, poet, the freedom to use his/her imagination in a creative way.

I think poetry is a game. When we think of games, we think of something like sports, or video games, or board games, card games, etc. but for me, a game is something you enjoy doing that is unlike anything.

I think poetry is a skill. Humans aren’t born poetic. They grow poetic. It is how they are brought up that determines whether they become interested in poetry or even in words at all.

I think poetry is Science. No, not the science of poetry but the very essence of poetry itself is science. As much as I want to expound on that, ill just keep it a bit short for now

And finally, I think poetry is humanity. Poetry is one thing that sets us apart from primitive and savage creatures. The very concept of poetry is humane itself.

Look, I’m not that much of a poet. In fact, I only have one poem so far in this blog, and it’s not even that good. But the fact that I make poetry makes me human. Therefore you go make poetry too, it’s proven effective to make you human.


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