A Day Filled with Fear

Whenever I wake up in the morning, I feel excitement, as I eat my breakfast, take a bath, and walk to school. On my way across the street, I walk pridefully side-by-side with students from other schools, I being the Science High School student that I am. But I know with anxiety that once I enter these gates, i am no longer someone special. It with great insecurity that I step inside these gates, to study, to learn, and to hopefully be a better student than I once was.

As I step out of these gates, i once again feel prideful, that I have overcome yet another day. But I fear that each step I take, each word I say, each breath I take, it could be my last, and that I may never get to do it again.

As I get home, happiness fills the air as I greet my mother and grandmother. Though regretful, I sometimes cram my homeworks at the late hour and is with great anxiety that I go back to bed, fearing I may never wake again.


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