Random Creepy Shorts #4

This is a story I came across online, it’s actually a poem by faux_face on Reddit, but I am not a very big fan of poem stories so I made my own story version. Just to warn you, it might be a bit disturbing so read with your own risk. It’s entitled “The New Neighbors,” and it goes like this…

I once met a couple named Drew Daniel and Pamela Sue. For your information, I have just moved in at a new neighborhood. I just bought the house for a very cheap price I would prefer not to mention. At the day that I have moved in, the couple knocked at my doorstep with a grin. I open the door and as I do, they immediately invite me for a meal.

“Please come over for barbecue.” They say.

I was surprised with the sudden invitation and I agreed without thinking about it.

“Great!” they exclaimed. “Dan is a great cook, he cooks without a flaw, Anyway, just bring some coleslaw!” And they left, clearly with delight.

I thought to myself, “what have I gotten into? I have never cooked coleslaw before. I guess I must seek for some advice.” So I drive to the store nearby. I bought some cabbages and asked the clerk on how to make coleslaw. He taught me well. He asked why I wanted to know how to make coleslaw, and I mentioned about Drew and Pamela, and how they invited me to dinner.

“You better think twice buddy.”

“Why?” I asked, hoping that he would expound on his statement.

“Don’t go into their house, you’re in danger with that they have planned!”

What the guys said, left me in question. “What does he mean by danger?” Knowing how they cheerfully invited me to their house for dinner, what could go bad? So I hurry home and knock at their door. They welcomed me to humbly at their home. It was a cheerful place, no sign of danger at all. This might not be so bad after all, untill sun down that is…

“I’m sorry but you must go, sorry to rush you out .” They say as they hurriedly yanked me out of my seat and unto the door. My eyebrows shot up to the sky. What is the alarm for? Who and Why? Suddenly, a police fire blasted through the windows.

“There they are! They will not comply!”

I gulped with fear as my heart was beating fast. “Officer, hi, I’m the new guy next door.” I say as I try to squeeze past the police.

“I see that you are new to this town, I suppose you don’t know, cannibals are at large and their crimes are widely known.” My stomach lurched, feeling the fear instilled, “What did they do officer?” “Their daughter… they killed.” I knew it, my house was too good to be true, but as I ponder, it has brought on to my realization.

The taste on my lips…barbecue?


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