Random Creepy Shorts # 5

Good evening people! or good morning, for some… anyway, here’s a story told by a friend. When I told him that I wanted to credit him, he refused since he’s a bit of a shy guy. Anyway, the story was untitled so I just decided to title it “3:15.” Anyways, i goes like this….

It was 3:15 in the morning and I woke up screaming. It was my dream. In my dream, I watched everyone I ever knew or loved be killed by the creature. It had a short fat body, and long slender arms, which ended with claws that looked more like knives than claws. Its eyes were slits that glowed red in the darkness, and its teeth were long like horns, and sharp like steak knives. It looked at me before it killed them, and laughed each time before it ripped apart my loved ones with its sharp claws. How had it found us? It tricked me into letting it into my home, by mimicking the voice of my father; it couldn’t come in without permission it told me after it ripped out my Mother’s heart. The dream ended with the creature laughing, its evil cackle and slowly walking towards me, dragging its claws on the floor, I screamed, and sat up. I was in my room, in my bed, safe again. 3:15, I hear a knock at the door, I froze up instantly.

“Tommy, I heard you screaming, are you alright?” I heard my mother say. What a relief, Mom’s here.

“I’m fine Mom, just a bad dream” I replied, the relief washing over me

“Okay honey, I got you a glass of water, do you want it?” Mom said back to me

“Sure, come in” I said. And as those words left my mouth, I remembered that it was September…

and I had moved back into my college dorm 3 weeks ago.


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