Unsatiated Hunger for Knowledge

There are things in this world that we cannot truly understand, things we can’t grasp, things we can’t get hold of. This upsets us because human beings are designed to discover and know things beyond their current reach, despite the fact that we don’t understand anything at all.

Many are those who seek infinite knowledge. Even though we don’t even know what infinity is. It is, in fact, a big goal, or dream if you will. A dream that will never come true. Let’s face it, we cannot accept the fact that we know nothing. (besides one person by the name of Socrates) Our thirst for knowledge is greater than any emotional lust experienced by mankind. Yes, it is good to know more, but there was a saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” To know, is one thing. To know too much, is quite another. Yet, we cannot distinguish them apart.

Knowledge is like a drug, a domino effect, a rube Goldberg machine. Once you start, there’s no stopping until the end. But the thing is, is there an end? Is there a limit to the curiosity of mankind? Will we know when to stop? Do we know our boundaries as a mortal. You see, its useless to even try. Answering a question sparks up multiple more, like cutting the head of a hydra. Chop one, two more shall take it’s place.

You may think that I am pessimistic, but to be honest, I’m only saying the truth. The truth you never wanted to admit.


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