My Dream, My Nightmare

Walking down the path of an infinite life
With honest words, one marches with delight
For the grace has saved us
In this road we continue to fight for
Fight for the life lived until we die

A thousand words said none heard
Thinking about being free like a bird
True freedom we seek is within our grasp
Blindness is what sets us back

The moment we let the river flow
Is where all will come to close
The life you’ve loved from the day it began
All will return from the ash in the sand

Why haven’t you realized yet
This is but a dream,
A dream worth living?
A dream worth dying for?
A dream you’ve been made a fool of

Hi guys, I’m currently  trying to improve my sense of poetry. As you can see, my poetry is probably below mediocre. (tbh, I think it’s bad) So I’m open for suggestions if you have any to improve my poetry. Just don’t be too harsh, many thanks 🙂


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