A Week After Torment

Hey there friends,

Its been like, i don’t know, two weeks? since I last posted. If any of you were waiting (which i think none would since who reads my “cr*p” anyway) sorry for the wait. I was sick (apparently my Temporomandibular Joint is misaligned which caused difficulty in talking, eating, yawning, and has also caused me migraines. Its been a week after the Quarterly Exams and being a highschool student, I haven’t mastered the art of Time Management.

Speaking of time management, i know a lot of you guys have it a handful as well. An at times like these, you just have to let go. Not let go as in just let it all go and not give two f*cks about your problems or whatever is weighing you down. Let go as in relax yourself for a minute. Think about life, think about what you have done until now. Then ask yourself, “Am I happy?” If your answer is yes, well then that means you are a masochist and that you like abusing yourself.

That was a joke. (yeah bad right?)

If you answered yes, then continue your path for it makes you happy, but if you answered no, then you have to change something, because something is wrong. Don’t change what you are doing, but change how you see it is done. Look for a new perspective. Look for a new angle, that might make you happy, because in this life, we cannot choose what we are given. We can only accept it. Therefore it is up to us to see things in a better and brighter way than they are given to us.

Spare me for my preachings, peace out.


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