The H.A. Bordner Building


A little intro before I tell you my story.

The hallway you just saw is from the H.A. Bordner Building, the oldest building in Manila Science High School. It has been there since the Japanese Colonization in the Philippines. (I kind of… forgot the year, just look it up if you have some time.) In short, it’s very old. It was built, burned down, built, destroyed by the earthquake, and built again.

It is a three-story building with rumors of having a 4th floor at full moon (But I don’t buy the full moon b*llsh*t, cause it happened in the light of the day, you’ll know later). There are also rumors of an underground bunker (since it was war-time an all).

The Bordner building used to be a hospital which was turned into a comfort women brothels (you know, those women used by Japanese and Korean soldiers as sex slaves). Anyway, this was an experience when I was in seventh grade. No one actually knew about it because I fear they would laugh at me and call me a hoax propagator or something… anyway it went like this

I am inside this old, seemingly creaky building, forsaken by age. Devoid of anything new. The floor is rose-red, stained with the blood of time? Nah, maybe it’s just some floor wax. I observe the cement walls as the cracks run down from the ceiling. What a pity. This could have been something, but this is one sturdy building I must say. It has endured the grim reminder of time. Even though the whole thing could collapse at any moment if I punch a column or two.

Looks like the stairs made of stone and cement. They seem alright, except that I notice a steel bearing running down from the top floor. I guess the building has some support after all. It came all the way from the third floor I guess? I’m not really sure because I saw three floors outside but it looks like four in the inside. Boy this building is weird.

I climb up to the second floor. White tiles run across the hallway. No one is here and my god is it creepy. The silence is so disturbing. It’s like a separate dimension from the outside world. The windows are broken, I guess children did it. The doors are old brown wood feasted by termites. These little critters creep me out. They have always did since I was a child. There is a fork at the end of the hallway which leads to some place I’d honestly not want to explore.

I proceed to the third floor. The room suddenly feels like it expanded. The ceiling is higher than usual. I am a claustrophilic person. Meaning, I enjoy tight spaces or smaller spaces than the large ones. The floor is creaky wood, making a sound every step I make.

The building is devoid of people, but I feel something… It’s full of emotion. Not happiness but rather resentment and sadness. Like an old man abandoned by his children. I rushed down to the second floor. That is where I saw the first person in this building. It’s a child, holding a teddy bear facing away from me. It was a full three seconds before the child walked into the fork I mentioned a while ago. And oh my, I feel like my guts were blown inside out. I see the child’s bloody face stare blankly into the nothingness as it walks away.

I ran as fast as I could to get out of the building. But the building itself feels like it’s getting larger and larger by the moment. I finally get to the door and run out into the open area in front of the building. As I look back I see that the door is already chained. If so how did I get in?

The sky is crimson red. There are unmoving cars in the street, but I’m sure with one thing, there was no sound, not one. The silence was deafening. I was going mad, it was then when I wake up and find myself on a floor next to the third.

Did I make it out? Duh, how am I even typing right now… but some say that if you stay there long enough, the staircase will be endless and you’ll be trapped forever. I’ve got to say that incredibly hyperbolic right there but to be honest, there was a different air when I was there. It was very thin and I was having a bit of difficulty breathing. I couldn’t describe the whole floor since looking at it made me queasy and I focused on getting our as quick as possible, but if you want an explanation on how it looked like, the picture below comes close:


Yes, it was an empty room with one window for some odd reason. It had a wooden floor. The room was huge. there was only once staircase that leads down and it feels like it’s gonna break any second.

Honestly, there’s more to this Building than what meets the eye. So far I’ve only been the to the fourth floor. If I have time (which I highly doubt) I’ll try to find the entrance to this “bunker” the old janitor once told me. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it…

if I find it and make it back alive at least.


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