Note to Self # 2: Perfection


I am a perfectionist. I think I am. When I do something, I want them to come out exactly as I envisioned them. Sometimes I may slack off, but it’s part of what I envisioned things would go.

At night I often think about what im gonna do for the whole day with precise timing. For example, at exactly 7:15, I will start to write this blog post. At 7:30, I shall eat dinner. Yeah, I know  it’s kind of normal, but I do this all the time. I’m quite a busy man… or teen, as you can see. And it is difficult because to be honest, it is very frustrating when I don’t achieve the perfection I envisioned.

Yes, I know, “Stop being a perfectionist then.” Easy to say, hard to accomplish. Why you say? Because whenever I think about no longer being  a perfectionist, at the back of my mind, I’m always in doubt. You can probably say I’m insecure of the future. I’m not a risk taker. I’d prefer to walk on a red carpet to the destination rather than taking a hike. And if such does not exist, then I’d rather not take the path at all.

I know, a lot of you guys are also perfectionists as well. I know that the slightest errors make you cringe. The urge to fix everything and put things in its place. I know I cannot apply  this to myself, but this might help you:

Think of perfectionism as a leash. A leash that secures you so you won’t get lost. However, it is also a leash that will keep you at bay forever.



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