Three Things About Communication

Heya! First of all, to all my readers, I’m so sorry for the VERRRRRY long time that I wasn’t able to post. I was kind of busy with pretty much everything else in life hahaha. Anyway, since I still AM busy, allow me to present to you a poem made by an underclassmen and is also a good friend of mine.

Number one
communication is Vital
You can’t be perfect after one recital
It takes practice and mostly a lot of time
Especially if you’re trying to sound sublime

Every nation has a language
If they didn’t they would be in a disadvantage
Dialogue builds great
nations of great
For example in history, big talkers became weavers of fate
Lincoln started out in speeches of politics
As Shakespeare was great in dialogued poetics

Number two
communication is the key
The key to better bonds and understanding
A secret spice that makes everything exciting
It is the bridge that connects us all as one
It is beautiful just as it is fun

We can make words, phrases and even sentences in paragraphs
That conveys man’s ideas and feelings better than pictographs
You can add a beat and even a theme
Which sounds harder that it seems
For communication is key
To make living as fun as it could possibly be

Number three
Communication is a treasure
For all living things
As the bird sings
And the soothing hum of a humming bird
and the joy it brings

As simple as two friends talking
as one is giving and the other receiving
I think as I admire such a beautiful thing
Truly, not only for man,
communication is a gift for all that live
As long as it is used with a good motive

Basically, communication is as wonderful and spectacular
as anything can ever hope to be!!