Who am I?

CaptureThe world is a cruel place
but it doesn’t have to be ugly
we wait for so long
for me it felt like eternity

I am the shadow of the man I was
needless to say you had your way
I exist for a reason
that reason you so desperately took away

I am born in this world anew
from your despair I rise again
for only when the moonlight shines
the flowers begin to bloom

Oh no, you are not!
I will return for I truly am
You have no place in this world
there is no “we”

One can deny but one cannot run
the face of the coin is one with its tail
and though the antelope tries to struggle
the lion will always claim its carcass

When a clam opens itself
its pearls and soft insides are taken
a clam closed shut
deemed almost nonexistent

My time may be short but it is a fact of life
I am you and you are I
It is just a matter of perspective
and yours is filled with lies

I will reclaim what is truly mine
though dazed and dazzled with your atrocities
I am the original
no fake can stop me

Even if the fortnight is barren of hope
I will press forward
this is what you would have wanted
might I say otherwise?

Then go, you’ve stayed for long enough
I’d offer my thanks but I guess its needed not

Then your thanks I receive, as sarcastic as it may be
But I hate to say that you’re right, my exodus you shall see

Begone and never return

You need not say so.