My Performance

It doesn’t matter if I have an audence, as long as I can perform.


The Carcass


The Carcass is a painting that visually depicts a butchered animal. In actuality, the carcass is an interpretative depiction of the inevitable fate of the weak and the controlled. It is the destiny of the weak and no longer useful. They will be butchered by the society with their judgemental predicaments.

The painting is a horse that has been cut from the chest down. A horse that has been once useful, now a bloody carcass no longer emanating the life and strength it used to have. It means to say that no matter how great you were, no matter how strong you were, as a mortal being, you are bound to fall to your grave. And when that happens, you won’t be remembered for what you were and what you did. you will be remembered as what you are right now, what you will be, and all the mistakes that you have done. And for that, they will cut you, hang you, leave you there like a lifeless corpse, meant to rot for all eternity.

That has always been the fate of mankind, from the beginning until now. And it is just a tiny fraction of how bad life can be, and how relentless fate may fall upon all of us.