My Performance

It doesn’t matter if I have an audence, as long as I can perform.


My Music, My Life


When someone says, “name something that can’t be stolen from you,” knowledge immediately comes into mind, but for me, it’s a whole different thing.

When I was a child, the way my brain works is different from everyone else. I wasn’t really a kid. I didn’t like cartoons, I didn’t like child talk. I was a pretty serious guy. So when they asked me about what can’t be stolen from me, they thought I’d answer something like “my favorite food” or “my favorite blanket.” But no, I didn’t answer any of those, and instead I said “my genitals.”

Just kidding 🙂

I answered “Who I am.” And I swear, the look in their faces were hilarious. As if either I’ve gone mad or I’m not in the right body. It was a few years later that I confirmed that I indeed AM in my right body, but that topic will have to be tackled next time. Anyways, so Who am I? I tried to answer this question on my other blog post. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, it’s boring I promise. Now back to the question. My answer to that is, “I am Kenshin. Would you like me to define “Kenshin?” It is a collective word for all that is related to me.”

So you might be wondering, where the !@#% is Music, I mean, it’s in the title goddam… oops, shouldn’t use God’s name in profanity. It’s in the title, Kendammnit… okay that was bad. Moving on. You see, part of Kenshin, part of me, is Music. It’s on of the fundamental things that make me who I am. My music. As you can see, I am not a master of words. To be honest, I’m not even proud of my writing at all. But my music, is something I am proud of. It may not be the best, but it is where I can pour out my emotions without hesitation. When I play the piano, it feels as if I am transported into my own world where I can be free.

My music is my life. No one can take it away from me for it is mine, and mine alone. It is for others to hear but not for others to take. And as long as there is music in my life, I will not cease to exist.