Our Possibilities

Id like to take this time to write a small essay about possibilities. Yours, mine, and everyone elses. There are times when we do things that we dont intend to do. At those times, we tend to think to ourselves, “man, if only I did it the other way.” This raises up my question. What if that possibility actually existed? What if it was a path that you could have taken? What if it actually happened.

Incase you’re still clueless about what I’m talking about, It’s the multiverse theory. It is a theory which states that our timeline exists like a Web. Only one timeline is visible to us, but there are an infinite number of ways on how a certain point in your life could have differed if you chose the other path.

Now this theory may sound farfetched and I do agree, it is quite sketchy… but what if it were real? You see, I believe that we will never get to understand the universe and everything in it to a hundred percent. Because of that, we are left clueless. Which is why we ask questions. Now I ask you which would you believe in, a world full of possibilities or a world that has none else to offer?


Note to self #1: Negativity

One does not see an empty cup filled but sees a filled one emptied.

So let me take this time to talk a bit about myself. I assume that if you’re reading this, it’s either you have already read some if not most of my posts, or you have not even read a single one of them and is clueless of what I’m going to talk about. It’s okay, but I recommend you read some of my stories and poems so that you would better understand my point here.

As you may have noticed, I am into the horror genre. I love horror stories, books, movies, and even poems. But this interest of mine has something to do with myself. Yes I admit it, I’m a pessimist. My life wasn’t bad when I was a child, I wasn’t molested or anything. In fact, my life as a child has probably been better than many others. I have a loving family, caring friends,great educators, and I got all that I wanted without even having to ask for it. To tell you the truth, all this time, I’m confused as to why I’m such a negative person.

When I see something, I always notice the negative side, no matter how little. When I do something, it’s always the consequences that I think of. This is probably one of the reasons why I don’t have a lover right now. And I don’t think I will have in 30 years or so when I’m actually ready to build a family.

What does negativity give you? Some say nothing, sadness, all kinds of bad stuff. But you see, it’s not really my case. In fact, I can sometimes see this negativity as a blessing in disguise. It helps me to make sure that all my moves and decisions are safe.

If you think that you are like me, a negative, pessimistic, person… don’t worry too much about it. It’s who you are, accept yourself and life a live worth living.

My Dream, My Nightmare

Walking down the path of an infinite life
With honest words, one marches with delight
For the grace has saved us
In this road we continue to fight for
Fight for the life lived until we die

A thousand words said none heard
Thinking about being free like a bird
True freedom we seek is within our grasp
Blindness is what sets us back

The moment we let the river flow
Is where all will come to close
The life you’ve loved from the day it began
All will return from the ash in the sand

Why haven’t you realized yet
This is but a dream,
A dream worth living?
A dream worth dying for?
A dream you’ve been made a fool of

Hi guys, I’m currently  trying to improve my sense of poetry. As you can see, my poetry is probably below mediocre. (tbh, I think it’s bad) So I’m open for suggestions if you have any to improve my poetry. Just don’t be too harsh, many thanks 🙂

Unsatiated Hunger for Knowledge

There are things in this world that we cannot truly understand, things we can’t grasp, things we can’t get hold of. This upsets us because human beings are designed to discover and know things beyond their current reach, despite the fact that we don’t understand anything at all.

Many are those who seek infinite knowledge. Even though we don’t even know what infinity is. It is, in fact, a big goal, or dream if you will. A dream that will never come true. Let’s face it, we cannot accept the fact that we know nothing. (besides one person by the name of Socrates) Our thirst for knowledge is greater than any emotional lust experienced by mankind. Yes, it is good to know more, but there was a saying, “curiosity killed the cat.” To know, is one thing. To know too much, is quite another. Yet, we cannot distinguish them apart.

Knowledge is like a drug, a domino effect, a rube Goldberg machine. Once you start, there’s no stopping until the end. But the thing is, is there an end? Is there a limit to the curiosity of mankind? Will we know when to stop? Do we know our boundaries as a mortal. You see, its useless to even try. Answering a question sparks up multiple more, like cutting the head of a hydra. Chop one, two more shall take it’s place.

You may think that I am pessimistic, but to be honest, I’m only saying the truth. The truth you never wanted to admit.


communitySo for today, I just felt like posting some, or one, of my favorite quotations be it from movies, books, or actual people. So lets start.

The first quote is from the movie, 2012. It was said by Dr. Adrian  Helmsley who was portrayed by Chiwetel Eijofor.

“The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we lose out humanity.”

There is one thing that i learned from Values Education. And that is, Humans are social species and that it is rare that one lives alone, away from community.I agree. The reason we are advanced right now is because we are social. we have emotions toward each other. We communicate, whether it be negative or positive. Our technology, our culture, our civilization, it is all thanks to our connections with one another. And that I believe is what makes us human.


Water surface

Water, the source of life
from it, we all began
from it, we will return
from it forever we will be

It is water
it is vital
to flow and be free
from the bottle that contains us

That is why one must drink
drink from ones mistakes
and turn them into good
drink from ones past
and turn them into present

Just drink water
for it will give you life
the life you took for granted
the life you will someday let go

Now I drink again, and again, and again
to keep living, living a life I have not lived
and to live until tomorrow
with no purpose nor an aim

From this sip of water
I shall create a new world
for me to live alone
to my hearts content

Water for my heart
water for my mind
water for my body
water for my life

I will break free from this bottle
to be water again I will
and to be water we all will
that is the fate of all mankind

This is my first attempt at making a legit poem (i don’t even know if it’s legit) so please don’t hate, if you think I can improve my sense of poetry (which I hope it would), don’t be afraid to comment your suggestions. Many thanks.

Alien on a Homeworld

Have you ever wondered if we are alone in the universe? It is a question many ask yet no one answers. Why is that? It is because we don’t look outside the box. We don’t expand our view on things. We look at objects just as they are and not what they could be. To be unappreciated, to be thought low of, it hurts. But the fact that we do it to ourselves is ironic because  we know for ourselves that we have potential, and yet we deny it. We are not willing to explore the boundaries and go beyond, because we are afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that others might judge us, because we are not doing what the rest is doing. Why must we limit ourselves to the capability of others? Why must we compare ourselves to others?

We are all bound by rules, whether we like it or not, but this is not a reason to keep ourselves locked up, dreaming like an innocent child. It is not right that you don’t use your gifts, whether be it for yourself or for others. it is what’s given to you so you must accept it. To all those reading this, I implore you, obtain the light that is lost in this darkened world. Accept yourself, who you are, what you do, what you will do, and what you have done.