Slate Road Ext.

It is late afternoon. A soft breeze blows and rattles the leaves on the sprigs in a tree-strewn spot of earth in the heart of Manila. The sky is darker than usual and a shadow of a tall man is seen in the distance, in an isolated road. I take small strides into the alley. The sign reads, “Slate Road Ext.” I see the man, or rather “thing” standing. Moments passed by, I still am thinking, “am I really going to pass through here? I wonder what would happen.”

Before anything else happened, I felt more wind passing through his corner. it seems like all my happiness, if there’s any, my energy, and my positive vibes were blown away with it. I kept thinking, imagining, and wondering, would I stay here, until the sun goes down? I just close my eyes, trying to remember someone dear to me, to help me lessen my fear. Am I ready for this? I can’t handle it anymore.

I hear whispers, from where? I look around for the source. It is the shadowy man! He’s whispering “ten, ten, ten, ten…” Why, of all numbers, ten? I approach the man with all my courage and ask. He looked at me straight into my soul with piercing pitch black eyes. “You’re one of us now.”

Everything went black. When I returned to my senses, I find out that I, myself, was whispering, “eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven…”



This story was made by me and my friends. We passed the paper around every two sentences and tried to see what we would make. This isn’t the best story there is, but it sure has a deep meaning if you try to understand it. If you can’t, feel free to ask me personally 🙂


Ones Own Sorrow


Alas I see the world

The beauty hidden within

The light beyond my vision

The green fields blossoming with life


I felt happiness and joy

I hear the laughter of the boy

Oh what a wonderful sight it was

wonderful if it would all be gone


The light I see has become dim

The pain I felt is unparalleled

Why must it be me?

For it could have been him


My eyesight darkens as I approach the boy

I’d like to see his smile fade

Throw it into the open black

Black that was once an open blue


Then I stab him

His smile didn’t seem to disappear

Then I look down, oh what a fool have I been

For it was my own happiness I have taken.

My Dream, My Nightmare


Walking down the path of an infinite life
With honest words, one marches with delight
For the grace has saved us
In this road we continue to fight for
Fight for the life lived until we die

A thousand words said, none are heard
Thinking about being free like a bird
True freedom we seek is within our grasp
Blindness is what only sets us back

The moment we let the river flow
Is where all things will come to close
The life you’ve loved from the day it began
All will return from the ash in the ground

Why haven’t you realized yet
This is but a dream,
A dream worth living?
A dream worth dying for?
A dream you’ve been made a fool of


Good evening y’all. So here in the Philippines, tomorrow is the big day for our new President, passing the responsibilities from the old administration to the new. I don’t really know what to expect since the new president isn’t actually the one I was rooting for. I like him and I’m fine with him being the president, but hey, it’s just my opinion.

After all the good talk and all the criminality solving shenanigans, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (yes, that’s him) I am expecting a lot from him. But before we talk about what he is going to do, lets talk about what the old president did. in a few hours, he will be former President Benigno Aquino III, the “son” of Cory and Ninoy Aquino. So why did I enclose “son” in quotation marks? That’s because he always used the fact that he is the son of the two great “heroes” of the Philippines to boost himself. Now the reason why I enclosed “heroes” in quotation marks will be brought up next time, but for now, lets focus on the “son.” Many of the politicians use their parents to boost themselves in campaigns. It’s not bad to be proud of your parents but to use them for the sake of boosting yourself? Where is the independence in that? Where is the leadership in that? How do you expect to be a leader if you cannot even carry your own weight? Every time I see something like “Vote for _____, son/daughter of the great ____,” it makes me cringe.