The Good Samaritan

'The_Good_Samaritan'_by_David_Teniers_the_younger_after_Francesco_BassanoToday, as I went to the church (yes, I am quite a religious person and yes, I also believe in God if you would ask. I’m catholic by the way) and as I listened to the priest’s homily and bible reading, it occurred to me that what he was reading is in fact a very famous parable known to many whether they may be christian or not. As you may have read from the title up there, it says “The Good Samaritan.” Now I won’t be narrating the whole story since you probably know it. If you don’t, go look it up, SHAME ON YOU!

Just kidding, anyway, since you know about The Good Samaritan, let me tell you that there is a deeper meaning behind it other than just being kind to others. Pardon me for my bible preaching but here it comes, 3…2…1. So Jesus was asked by an expert in the law or a lawyer. The layer asked Jesus, despite knowing the answer himself, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus then answered, “What is written in the law?” their conversation went on until Jesus told the story to the lawyer.

In the end, Jesus told him to “Go and do likewise.”

You see, it’s not important whether you know what is good or what is bad. Knowledge itself is not adequate to be a righteous man, because to be one, you must also know how to apply this knowledge in real life, and not just in words.