Tales of the Third Eye #2: A New World

Many are things that are hidden from the eye of a simple man. Many are the things that I realized, I wasn’t supposed to be seeing. An almost entire new world right before my eyes this whole time. Was my who life a lie until this day?

I was around first grade when I knew that the things I see were in fact, out of this world. Let me describe to you how I used to see things before and after.

To an average person, one would see an empty road. Maybe one or two people at most walking. To me, it looks like a bustling town when the market goes on a 75% off on nearly all products.

To an average person, They would see only their family members inside the house. To me, for the whole day, several strangers come in from the front door and exist through the back door.

I thought it was normal. But then my mother told me it was not. She knows this too since we are the same. I don’t really think it’s a hereditary thing. Most probably because of a place she went to when she was pregnant.

Now, how did I know if what I’m seeing was a normal human being? I found and to be honest, it kind of creeps me out ’till this day. A normal human walks normally, feet flat on the floor. However, in their case, it’s afloat, seemingly gliding in the air.


Tales of The Third Eye # 1

Some people say it is real, some however say that it is a figment of our imagination. To be branded as a crazy child for even just a few months felt like years of solitude and suffering. The solitude did end a some point, but the suffering did not. Most of the time it lay dormant, but at times when it is awake, strange things happen… in my perspective at least.

It all started when I was at the age of 5. Back then, I was living in Japan taking my kinder classes and just living my life without worrying about anything. Just eating, sleeping, playing, and occasionally taking a bath. (Because it is super cold back in my place you’ll have second thoughts of taking a bath. Just stripping down is a big pain in the ass.) Back then, I didn’t know what was normal and what was not. I had playmates in my room that were strangers. Even as a child, I was an introvert. They would just appear out of nowhere and ask me to play with them. There was two of them if I could remember. My mother didn’t tell me to stop playing with them. In fact, she was asking me if they wanted any beverages, in which the answer was no. She knew. She knew the fact that my playmates were not human even though they look very much like one. What are they then?

Me and my mom would occasionally go outside on warmer days. We go to the park, but she always tells me to not talk to strangers or anyone that I don’t know for the matter even though there were many kids playing. It was then when I asked her about my two playmates. I didn’t know them. They just came out of nowhere yet I am allowed to talk to them much less play with them? She then talked to me about something special that only me and my mom could see. At first I was confused since I was a child and all.

So after that small talk at the park, we went home. Although I was really confused abou me not being allowed to play with anyone else at the park. I only begin to understand my situation when my mom told me the truth. It turns out, there was no one else in the park, just the two of us.